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With so many choices when it comes to selecting your next hardwood floor, I wanted to feature some of my favorite wood floors. Here’s my top 10 picks.



10. Distressed Wide Planks

Distressed Wide PlanksLarge plank flooring is growing in it’s popularity because of its elegance and lack of cracks. You will find no lack of choices when it comes to these wide plank styles. As with anything that picks up in popularity, manufactures keep up with the demand. I recommend selecting a distressed type of wood if you going after a raw or rustic feel.






9. Reclaimed Pine

Reclaimed PineUsually reclaimed pine floors are obtain from old buildings. Using reclaimed wood is great for the environment and it instantly gives your home or business a established feel. It’s also considered to be a high-end luxury type of flooring.








8. Maple Plank

maple wood floor bathroom
So, you may have seen me say that wood floors and bathrooms don’t mix. While this true, this photo shows a powder room without a tub or shower. You will see here how well the tile pattern ties in with the maple floor; delivering a warm and modern feel.






7. Red Oak

Red Oak flooring
Red oak flooring may be the most commonly installed wood floors. This is mostly because of its ability to match almost any home decor or design.

The feature that makes this flooring look so good, is also its functionality strength: its shades of red. The red color tones give it a nice design style, but also allow it to hide scratches.

If you’re looking for an affordable hardwood floor that looks sharp and will also stand up to high traffic, a red oak floor may be for you.



6. Ebonized Hardwood

Dark floors are the latest craze. Don’t believe me? Pick up the latest high-end fashion magazine – black flame has been named the color of the year by PPG paints. The blank empty appearance of these gleaming dark floors will make light colored furniture pop (for a lack of better adjectives). Moreover, imagine what it will do to your white furniture.

It makes rooms bigger, taller, there’s not much that ebony flooring doesn’t do. With a room fit for a king and queen – here is your floor.

5. Reclaimed Wood Floor

reclaimed wood floor
Nothing can bring warmth to a room – or bathroom, like a dark reclaimed wood. I know I already featured a reclaimed wood floor at #9, but this floor combined with a bathroom, really gives a unique natural feel.

Again, wood floors and bathrooms are a no no. However, in this case these floors are treated to help in protecting it from water damage.





4. Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry
This flooring delivers a mosaic feel that you would get with tile. Its an exotic style that ages well. A strong floor, with a unique look, that has a reasonable price tag.








3. White Oak Puzzle Floor

I’m a big fan of creative flooring design. I enjoy creating new designs and looks when I install tile. So it goes without saying, why I included this floor into my Top 10 list.
White Oak Puzzle Floor

From a kids room, play room or a formal living room – there’s always a place for a creative floor. This floor is certainly a conversation piece as it’s used in a sitting room.

This flooring is in the wood plank flooring family and it comes in over a dozen patters and colors. Ask me for more details.


2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus wood floor
This is another flooring type that will enlarge your space. It is nice option if you are looking for a floor that will give your home an elegant touch without breaking the bank.




1. Douglas Fir

duglas fir wood floor
Here is plank flooring that makes any room feel inviting and relaxing.

I love the setting of this image; in the background a open outdoors backdrop. That sums up this flooring.

The color stains of this natural wood increase its beauty and makes almost any room better.





Gonzalez & Sons Hardwood Flooring Picks by Juan Gonzalez

At Gonzalez & Sons Flooring Design, we specialize in the installation of hardwood floors.

From the consultation, design and installation to anything in-between. If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we will provide a free in-home consultation. Since we work with several wood floor manufactures we can help you pick the floor of your dreams. We are also flexible to work with your supplier, if you already know the flooring that is best for your home, we will pick up the flooring and install it.

For more information or to schedule an installation, contact me directly at (602) 370-6603.

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