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​Scottsdale boasts some of the most luxurious homes in the valley. Their unique architecture makes these homes one of a kind.


One trend finding new popularity in Scottsdale is incorporating patios and decks into the living area. Most homes have a patio, with a table and maybe a few lounge chairs, but these homes use the outdoor areas as an extension of the home.

Interior designers used to focus on bringing the outdoors in, using plants and water elements to help the home incorporate nature. Now they are bringing the home outdoors, by adding rooms to the house outside.

stone outdoor decor
​Whether it has a modern design or if its blended with the landscape these spaces are an extension of the home. They include kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms that rival the comfort of their interior counterparts. All of the outdoor rooms have a fireplace or fire pit and most also have a water element. Some areas are expressly made for entertaining and include extra features such as light fixtures, air conditioning, televisions, and sound systems.


Best Scottsdale Stone Homes

Another element found in these luxury Scottsdale homes is stone. Stone is popular for its beauty and durability, it can be used in a variety of ways ranging from large scale to simple accents. These two Scottsdale homes incorporate stone in different ways.

1. Traditional Luxury Estate
Estimated Value: $3,195,000.00
Location: 8508 E Sweetwater Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

The first home uses stone to form the facade of the house, incorporating similar stone patterns throughout. Stone finishes can be found, around fireplaces and stoves, as accents walls in bathrooms, surrounding water elements and as part of the outdoor spaces. Using simpler stone patterns bring continuity to the design.

use of stones2. The Scottsdale Spanish Designed Mansion
Location: 27445 N 98th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Sq Ft: 8000+
Value: $8.7 Million

scottsdales ttone flooringThis Scottsdale mansion using stone in a different way. While keeping the stucco exterior, stone is incorporated as part of the foyer, and along window and doorway arches. It is used for accent walls in living spaces, as well as for arches in the interior of the home. The same stone is used liberally in the landscape as well as in the outdoor living areas.

homeFinally, the mark of a true Scottsdale luxury home is highlighting the view. These two homes showcase how many Scottdale architects are are using the beautiful Arizona landscape as part of their design.

Floor to ceiling window layouts brings more light into the home and highlight the natural beauty of the landscape. The scenery then transforms the decor of the home.

Many Scottsdale architects are replacing walls with glass. By adding these large windows they up the home to more natural light, and creates stunning views of the landscape which draws people to the outdoors.


​There are several different window layouts including the Window Wall. This home in Talen Ranch replaced an exterior wall with solid floor to ceiling windows.

Talen Rranch Property in Scottsdale

Talen Ranch Property in Scottsdale

​Geometric designs provide the same luxurious aspects with more flare. The floor to ceiling windows in this Desert Mountain home are broken up with geometric pairings.

Mansion in Desert Mountain

Mansion in Desert Mountain

​These elegant design features transform these Scottsdale homes from beautiful to luxurious.


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