When it comes to selecting a ceramic tile design there have been many trends over the years. However, contemporary designs are still #1 as the preferred go-to style.

The pro designers say that homeowners like white as their number one color design choice. Second to white, is grey – but the gap between them is still large. As reported by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Bathroom remodels still offer one of the highest Return On Investments (ROI). According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry you can expect an average of a 64% return on investment. Not bad, considering so many other remodeling projects come in at the 25% range. However, much of overall feeling you will get from your bathroom remodel comes from the tile design. The tile design can make or break any tile job.

Just look at some of these nightmare tile design projects:

right tile for your bathroomCeramic Tile Design Idea

When it comes to tile design there are endless combinations. A safe bet is sticking with a design that is timeless, as, well…they’re timeless.

PictureThe classic subway look will likely never be out of style when it comes to bathrooms. Using the small tiles creates an illusion to make the room look bigger. Some may argue that using small tiles on your bathroom floor will make the room look smaller – I tend to disagree. The way I look at it, if you use large tiles, and have three tiles spanning the entire length of your bathroom floor, to me, that seems to make the room look smaller. So if you do decided to go with large tiles, you will likely want to select a grout color that matches the tiles. This will keep you from seeing each tile individually.

When it comes to selecting your next tile design, make sure you do some research to find the style that fits you the best. Here’s a nice web based tile designer that will let you upload a photo and play with different designs:

Tile Design Consultation

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area feel free to contact us and I can provide you with a free tile design consultation. Throughout this consultation we understand your tastes and make recommendations accordingly.

by: Juan Gonzalez, Owner of Gonzalez & Sons Tile Design

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