Wood Floor for Dog Owners

Finally, A Wood Floor for Dog Owners

Nothing can destroy the stylish look of your wood flooring like scratches throughout.

Energetic dogs can take their toll on your home’s flooring fairly quickly. Granted, there are types of standard hardwood flooring that doesn’t look as bad as others when it’s covered in scratches. But, this is a new type of hardwood, just hitting the market, can solve the age old conflict between a man’s best friend and his floors. When we install hardwood floors for our customers we’re always looking for the best type of flooring for their lifestyles.

As a dog owner, I understand my customer’s struggle when considering hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring can be a costly investment. There are many benefits when installing hardwood flooring. However, having to resurface a hardwood floor every five years is a good amount of work.

About HardwOOF Hardwood Flooring

This new flooring, is finally available after about two years of development.

Hardwoof boasts that it is 300% tougher than standard hardwood flooring. I stand behind its claim as it was tested by installing the flooring at a dog park in Atlanta, GA – holding up to about 5,000 dogs without a scratch.

This flooring isn’t only scratch proof when it comes to your dogs. Everyday wear is also covered, such as: sliding chairs, furniture, even skidding pebbles or things like dropping large objects.

You can expect to pay more for this flooring, but it comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. Considering you can expect to refinish standard wood flooring every five years (if you have dogs); compare that to Hardwoof’s finish that will lasts a minimum of 50 years (one of the manufacture guarantees).

Hardwoof makes sense for animal lovers who desire the attractiveness only wood floors can deliver.

Hardwoof Flooring Design Options

Hardwoof comes in all the typical wood flooring options: 12 styles in Hickory, Maple or Ash.Hardwoof


If you live in the Phoenix metro area we can complete the ordering and installation of your new dog proof Hardwoof flooring.

As always, we are happy to provide one-on-one in-home consultations. Please use the contact form to schedule a consultation or shoot us any questions you may have.

Gonzalez & Sons is proud to be Phoenix provider of Hardwoof flooring. As a dog owner myself, I know the troubles homeowners face when trying to make a decision between wood and other unscratchable flooring.

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