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What to consider before you hire a Phoenix flooring company

In the flooring industry we see an increase in flooring projects during the summer months. As the owner of a Phoenix flooring company, here’s what homeowners need to consider when hiring a flooring contractor.

Hiring a flooring company doesn’t differ much from the things you would consider when making a big purchase:

  1. ​Shop around
  2. Check references/reviews


Finding an affordable and experianced flooring contractor in Phoenix
shop around

When hiring a flooring company, it’s no different than any other big purchase. By obtaining two or three quotes you are able to compare flooring installation companies to see which one is the best fit. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Compare flooring installation pricing
  • Compare flooring materials pricing
  • Compare the company’s installation and material warranties
  • Compare scheduling flexabity and the estimated time for completion

Obtaining a few quotes may sound like a lot of work but you can expect to spend less than 20 minutes with a contractor to obtain a quote (assuming you already know what type of flooring you’re going to with). Most flooring contractors in Phoenix will help you select, and purchase the flooring for your project.

When seeking out an installation company, it is not unusual to receive a high bid as some contractors bank on the fact that you are in a hurry to get the job done. This is the main reason I recommend obtaining two or three bids.

Factors that effect the cost of flooring bids

  • Are they moving your furniture?
  • ​Will they be removing your current flooring, if sHire flooring company in phoenixo, what is the level of difficulty to remove the flooring and haul it away?
  • Are they planning on sealing off other rooms? Do they take extra steps to make sure that your home stays as clean as possible?
  • If installing hardwood, will they be installing quarter inch gaps between the baseboards and flooring? Will they be working around existing baseboard by cutting under them or the jabs and castings?



Check out what others have said, and have to say about the flooring company.

check out the companyMany flooring companies in Phoenix are comprised of two or three individuals. You can find them online, in your local newspaper (listed in the ‘Home’ section), or, if you purchased your flooring from a brick-and-mortar location, they normally have contractors who they trust which they will recommend.

However, nothing beats word of mouth referrals from friends or family.

Working with flooring company that has come recommended from a friend or family member is as close to a “sure thing”. These companies are typically flexible with their pricing and will provide several options to complete the job within budget. Additionally, hiring a Phoenix based flooring company means you’re keeping the money within our communities.

If you are using internet lead services (such as HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Yelp! etc.) you can obtain user reviews and references from these sources. Keep in mind, these lead services are middle men, they don’t have their own contractors; as a result these services will charge the contractor to obtain your contact information. The fees charged to the flooring company is around $30 – $50 on average.

Here’s a few basics when researching a flooring company

  • ​good rating with the BBB
  • registered contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors with a valid ROC #
  • insured and licensed
  • look for a few references or user reviews that you can verify
  • if installing tile or hardwood flooring, be sure they have extensive experience with this type of flooring (many flooring contractors specialize in carpet)
  • if they say they are local, make sure their license or BBB address reflects it

phoenix flooring company choosingHiring an unlicensed contractor is asking for trouble. A poorly installed floor can be aesthetically unpleasing and usually needs repairs or replacement prematurely — costing you big bucks.

Hiring a Phoenix Flooring Company

By Juan Gonzalez, Owner of Gonzalez & Sons Flooring & Design
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