The Best Laminate Flooring Brands

the best flooring brands

Here the Top 4 Laminate Flooring Manufactures

Laminate Flooring Has Came a Long Way Over the Last 15 Years

The entire aesthetic quality of your home can be dependent on the choice of flooring you make. Finding something which not only looks great and suits your style, but that can also withstand the footfalls of a busy household, can be a difficult.

Laminate flooring is a great choice for any home, offering the look of real hardwood or stone without the expense. Laminate flooring is durable and DIYers will appreciate how straightforward it is to install. With convenient grooved planks that fit together easily, this type of flooring generally doesn’t require any glue.
The relatively inexpensive flooring option has gained in popularity over the decades, with more high-end options available now and a greater variety of styles than ever. Each year, another brand enters the market. With so many choices of flooring brands, deciding which to choose can be the biggest challenge of your home DIY project.

The best laminate flooring available today tends to come from brands that are exclusively flooring manufacturers, such as Shaw, Pergo, Armstrong and Mohawk. Here is a more in-depth look at each of these well-known laminate flooring brands to understand why they are so popular with consumers.


​Colossal Shaw Industries have been around since 1946, offering all types of flooring, from carpet to tiles. Making approximately $4 billion in revenue, the brand’s success speaks for itself. From the moment Shaw entered the laminate flooring industry in 2002, they became an incredibly popular choice with laminate flooring consumers.

Shaw may have entered the laminate flooring industry later than some of its competitors, but they are have certainly made their mark upon it already. They offer over 190 different styles of laminate flooring. Whilst reviews of their stone-reproduction floors have not been great, Shaw were the first to introduce a high-gloss laminate floor collection, which proved incredibly popular. Shaw’s designs are trendy and contemporary, and they are technically excellent at producing photorealistic laminate planks.

Their laminate flooring is one of the easiest brands to install, so will be a reliable choice for any home DIY project. They are less expensive than some of their competitors, starting at around $1-$2.75 per square foot, with a couple of more expensive offerings at about $3-$4 per square foot.


pergo laminatePergo stand above their competitors for one main reason; they invented laminate flooring! In 1977, Swedish company Perstorp invented the first laminate flooring, having designed the techniques involved first.

There is a reason the Pergo brand is so popular worldwide; Pergo laminate flooring is of excellent quality.

​Their decades of expertise in the flooring industry means that consumers can rely on the brand’s superior quality. Over the years, Pergo have managed to maintain this quality without ever developing inferior products.

Their longevity also means that their range is expansive and developed. From authentic looking hardwood designs to wire-brushed or hand-scraped textures, the Pergo selection is vast.Regardless of the home renovation you are undertaking, there will be a style option to suit you with Pergo.

Pergo laminate flooring a very durable option with the flooring possessing an “AC-4” rating, meaning it can withstand household foot traffic without wear. Their premium range of flooring even features completely waterproof protection. all Pergo products come with their excellent warranty options, including a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.

The main drawback to choosing Pergo is that all of these great benefits come at a cost. It is considered to be one of the more expensive options on the market, with their basic and premium ranges costing around $2.15–$3.60 and $3.50-$5.25 per square foot ,respectively.


armstrong laminate brand
Another giant in the flooring industry, Armstrong have been producing flooring for over a century. Famous for their cork and vinyl flooring, when laminate flooring took off in the USA, Armstrong moved into producing their own.

The Armstrong range is vast, offering consumers almost 200 different styles of laminate flooring. Whether you prefer a hardwood or stone look, Armstrong have countless collections to choose from.

Armstrong branded laminate flooring is certified by the North American Laminate Flooring Association, which guarantees a minimum level of resistance to common household disasters.The finish and quality of Armstrong laminate flooring is on the high-end of the market, but so is the price. Their basic collection costs about $1.45-$2.70per square foot. Not quite as costly as Pergo‘spremium offerings, Armstrong‘s premium collection is still considered fairly expensive at approximately $3.10-$4.40 per square foot.

However, if you do purchase laminate flooring from Armstrong, you will find installation easy. Professionals recommend Armstrong as one of the most straightforward brands of laminate flooring to lay. Sometimes, it is worth the expense to get exactly what you want.


mohawk brand of flooringOne of the biggest names in the laminate flooring industry in the United States, Mohawk’s biggest selling point is their extensive range of laminate floors. Over the years, Mohawk Industries have expanded and acquired many laminate flooring manufacturers as it’s grown. With 34 different laminate product lines and over 200 style options available, from rustic to modern, the Mohawk laminate flooring range offers incredible choice for every consumer.

Mohawk are also technological leaders in the industry. Their latest innovation is their revolutionary GenuEdge™ Technology, designed to better simulate real hardwood by improving the edges of the photorealistic prints on the planks. TheirScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protectiongives an extremely durable, scratch-resistant flooring.

Installation is straightforward and will not present any complications should you decide to hire a professional installer. Mohawk laminate flooring can prove expensive if choosing from their premium ranges, costing about $3.30-$4.25 per square foot.However, their standard laminate flooringis one of the more cost effective at approximately $1.40-$3.00per square foot. Whatever your budget, there is a high-quality option from Mohawk available.


​Deciding upon the best laminate flooring for your home can be a challenge. Each brand discussed has something different to offer, but all of them provide quality and instill confidence. All are easy to install brands, with none being particularly complicated. Some brands offer more style variety than others, but in the end, price might be the determining factor when making the choice. However, if you stick to one of the above brands, your greatest concern will be choosing your favorite design.

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