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Looking for the most beautiful eats in Scottsdale? We’ve got the ultimate dining experiences the city has to offer.


7240 East Main Street, Scottsdale | Nonna Urban Website
Nonna urban restaurantOur first choice is Nonna Urban Eatery, where old west ranch meets piccola città Italy.

The Eatery creates a great first impression before you even walk in the door. The facade is covered with wood paneling and wood planks, making you feel like you might be having a meal in Tombstone. But there’s a little twist of modern as you step through the door.

​A lot of deep glossy woods lets you know there is more than beef on the menu. “Urban dishes” is not a misnomer. They really serve dishes from all over the world, but there is definitely an emphasis on Italian food, which is fine by us. Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Nonna is a must try.


6560 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale | Sumomaya Website

sumomaya restaurant scottsdale
​Next on our list is the SumoMaya. Maybe you can guess by the name, but this restaurant is a fusion of Mexican and Asian dishes.

Located at the Marketplace on Lincoln and Scottsdale, the SumoMaya is situated in a building just as revolutionary as its food. Using four separate finishes, the SumoMaya lets you know you’re in for something different when you walk in. From invisible chairs to trees that grow directly from the ground there’s no denying the uniqueness of the restaurant.

They use beautiful wood floors to offset all of the natural light. And the combination of styles is seen all the way through the menu with dishes such as Mexican Style Pho.

​If you are looking for something unique and different in Scottsdale, the SumoMaya is your place.


3815 N Brown Ave, Scottsdale | The Mission Website

he Mission in Old Town Scottsdale is the perfect setting for an evening out.

Its built adjacent to an old adobe mission, and just driving by will make you wish for a trip to Santo Poco. Rest assured, however, that the interior doesn’t look anything like a set from the Three Amigos; instead, it’s draped in decadence. Dozens of chandeliers and mirrors are offset by dark, nailhead furniture.

Dark wood flooring adds a finishing touch to the mixture of antique and modern designs. Their menu reflects their stellar taste, as it is a mixture of Mexican and Latin food.
mission dining scottsdale


3815 N Brown Ave, Scottsdale | FnB Website

FnB has received a multitude of praise and justly so. FnB is located in downtown Scottsdale, in what used to be an old retail market bodega.

It looks nothing like a bodega, the front of the building is made up almost entirely of windows. All this natural light makes the interior just as striking.

The floor is eye-catching with tiles of red, yellow, green and blue. The vivid flooring is offset by black and white photographs and large pitchers of colorful flowers.

​The menu offers farm to table items, which means the menu is always changing to accommodate what’s in season.


6316 N Scottsdale Rd | Fat Ox Website

fat ox italian dining scottsdale
Finally, a for a truly special night out, the Fat Ox will give you a different culinary experience. This is not a typical American restaurant, but a true culinary adventure.

The exterior of the restaurant is almost nearly all glass, using angular designs to create a modern atmosphere. Large storefront windows, create an indoor/outdoor environment.

Inside, the dining room is dimly light allowing for intimate meals. The owners weren’t just hoping to have another trendy Scottsdale restaurant but a distinguished high class, dining experience.

fancy italian food fatThe use of wood and leather help sell this atmosphere to customers. The designers didn’t stop there, they also wanted to add a hint of Italian luxury, so they incorporated Italian denim, marble, brass and bronze mirror into their design. The flooring alternatives between detailed white tile to dark hardwood finishes. The food is as luxurious as the atmosphere.

​The whole experience will make you think you are sitting in the finest restaurant in New York, London or Paris.


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