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Taking a look at the pros and cons of installing carpet and hardwood flooring.

Two of the most popular flooring choices in Phoenix are carpet and hardwood. The benefits of wood and carpet differ. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide which flooring is right for your home or office.


While the benefits of carpet flooring don’t seem to outweigh the aesthetics advantages of hardwood, it does come with its own distinct advantages.

√ Comfort

This is usually the deciding factor for homeowners who select carpet flooring.

Saying that carpet offers a “homey atmosphere” over any other flooring is a valid argument. Nothing can make up for the plush and soft feeling of carpet below your feet.

Not only does it provide your feet with padding, making it
easier to be on your feet, but it offers protection to you, and your belongings, should you/they tumble to the ground.

If you have children, while the carpet’s lifetime may be in jeopardy, comfort should be consider as they enjoy playing on the ground.

√ Insulator

Not that we have to worry about this in Phoenix, but carpet will keep your home warmer during the winter months. Moreover, there’s nothing worse than feel of cold tile on bare feet.

√ Soundproof

Homeowners often overlook how much carpet can muffle sound; until they install tile or hardwood. If you desire a quite home, or don’t want to worry about creaking wood floors, carpet may be right for you. The thicker the carpet the more sound that will be dissipated.

√ Scratch Free

​While carpet may show the effects of time faster than wood or tile, there is no need to worry about scratches or dings. This is sometimes the deciding factor for pet owners or households with children. We do install a durable hardwood that can stand up to scratches from dogs.

√ Cost Less

Did I say that comfort was the deciding factor for homeowners; I take it back.

After 25 years in the flooring industry, I have learned that cost is almost always the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a flooring, after all, “it’s always about the money”.

​However, while carpet is less expensive to install compared to wood or tile, it doesn’t stand the test of time – which means, even though you pay less upfront for carpet, it will cost you more in the long-run (see Longer Lifetime in the column to the hardwood column).


​Hardwood flooring is trending here in the Valley of the Sun. I am seeing more and more customers removing their existing carpet or tile to replacing it with hardwood. While hardwood flooring may be a good investment to your home’s resale value and aesthetics, you want to make sure the benefits outweigh that of carpet flooring.

√ Longer Lifetime

You can expect to pay more for the purchase and installation of hardwood floors – but it can earn your money back many times over.

Depending on the thickness of your wood flooring, it can be restored time and time again.

The most popular restoration options are sanding, staining and even painting. These methods can make any wood floor look new again. This makes installing hardwood floors a solid investment.

It’s true that wood floors are susceptible to scratches, dents and dings which you don’t have to worry about with carpet; but the restoration options listed above are available.

√ Easy Cleanup

No need to hire a professional carpet cleaner twice a year.
A simple mop and bucket can bring your wood floors back to a newly installed look.

We all understand the struggles of keeping carpet clean: vacuuming daily, taking your shoes off, drink spills, fear of staining the pad underneath the carpet etc. Even with the most diligent care, carpet will begin to look worn long before hardwood.

Bringing me into my next point, keeping the dust, and debris that trigger allergies, out of carpet flooring is a daily battle.

√ Allergen Free

Those of us who suffer from allergies can rest at ease with wood flooring.

Carpet can hold dust and allergens which can be reintroduced into the air by walking across the floor. Newer more modern types of carpet flooring can be allergy friendly through the use of antibacterial coatings used in the manufacturing process.

√ Resale Value

Because of the timelessness of wood, it will almost always boost your home’s resale value. Wood flooring is not a trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow – it has been installed in homes for centuries.

Its popularity has much to do with how it can accent any home’s style and its versatility to match almost any color or decorations – unlike that green shag carpet.

​A landlord or investor can benefit from installing hardwood floors.

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