Top 5 Interior Design Apps to Help You Decorate Your Home

best interior design apps

Reviewing the Best Free Interior Design Applications for 2018

Helpful Applications to Use Before Remodeling Your Home

Whether you’re just looking to rearrange some furniture or you want to completely remodel your home, smartphone apps are a great way to help visualize the results before you fully commit to them, especially when it comes to flooring. Looking to make your home design experience easier than ever? Read on for some of the most helpful interior design apps you never knew you needed until now.


rooms app reviewThis app is free for iOS users with an optional upgrade version for only $2.99. This app offers users a portable and easy way to design some virtual room layouts. Simply plug in the

dimensions of your room and the rest is easy!

​You can change wall colors and flooring styles, arrange furniture any way you want, and even change the scale of all the viewings so you can get as up close as you want and switch easily back to a birds’-eye view so that you can see the way the overall project looks.

​The app is hailed as one of the easiest, most user-friendly virtual design apps on the market.


ikea interior design app reviewThis free tool is a great 2D room visualizer. You can plan out the dimensions of your room, flooring choices, paint colors, and even your furniture and decor purchases before you get to work in 3D. This is a great space-filling model app to let you figure out what kind of furniture is the best for the size of your home.

​You can even get as deep and specific as planning your wardrobe storage ideas in the newer, updated version of this free app.

​You can save and print the plans before calling up your local flooring contractor and heading out to the nearest IKEA to bring those plans to life.


armstrong digital app reviewThis app is specifically geared to those looking to change their wall paint or wallpaper designs, flooring designs, and trimming.

You can test the way different colors and materials work together in a higher resolution than other apps can offer. ​Any interior designer knows that the flooring is a crucial foundation to any well-designed room.

Best of all, you can upload your own photo of your home to see how different colors and textures work in your home, but you can also use the realistic room designs offered in the app. Did we mention it’s free?


home design 3d gold reviewThis app is only available on iOS, and it has three versions: Freemium, which is your basic home design app; Classic, which for $6.99 includes bonus features such as an auto-save mechanism; and Gold, the complete edition, for $9.99. Its loyal users swear that it’s one of the most realistic home design apps on the market.

The app lets you move windows and floors around and pick which materials work best. Once you’re done, you can save your floor plan to a Dropbox or simply email them.

The app is simple and easy to navigate, which users love. It’s a great way to plan ahead before you actually take to installing new flooring and buying new furniture. Home Design 3D gives users access to altering fine details such as the width of walls and even decorating your outdoor property!


Karndean flooring appDesigned by flooring contractors for the average homeowner, Karndean Designflooring is a step up from taking a material sample home to compare it to other samples.

​This free app for iOS uses augmented reality to help users truly visualize what new flooring will look like in the home. You can view any of the floor right in your own interior setting and swap between them to see what they’ll look like in your home. You can even rotate the flooring to check out how different angles will look!

Be sure to let us know which of these apps helped you out the most. If you’re unsure about it, it’s smart to start with a free app and get used to looking at furniture designs and flooring graphics before deciding if you need the features that are offered in the paid apps. Good luck with your flooring design!


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