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Popular Tile Interior Design Ideas for 2018

When the average person thinks about interior design, they probably think about funky architecture, artwork hanging on the walls, modern furniture, and careful lighting. It’s not often that the regular layperson thinks too carefully about flooring and tile design, but the fact is that popular tile installation trends are quickly becoming part of the overall interior design scene.

​If you’re planning to renovate your home anytime soon, you should study up on some of the popular trends to get a better idea of the design options available to you. Here are some things to look for when you’re looking to learn more about tile designs.


​While you might think of most tiles being smooth and shiny, in reality there are many different textures and materials available to choose from! What follows is definitely not an exhaustive list, so feel free to do additional research on your own time.

Classic Linoleum

This was probably on your childhood home’s kitchen floor in addition to your elementary school growing up. Many people try and stay away from this, feeling it to be old and dated, but others argue it’s a timeless staple.​

classic Linoleum tile

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Terracotta and Similar

tarracotta tile designs

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​These are the types of stones that luxury spas and salons often have in their waterworks areas. As a result, they’re a common choice for people to incorporate into their bathrooms when you’re looking for a brief oasis away from the world.

Imitation Hardwood

hardwood style tile

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​High-quality hardwood flooring can be quite expensive and difficult to install. Luckily, vinyl particleboard and other tile types can give you that rustic wooden luck without the cost.


colored ceramic tile

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Usually coming with a high-gloss finish, ceramic tiles and grout are often used for kitchen flooring and walls around your shower or tub area. They’re great at repelling water and giving your home a clean, open look.


You might be surprised to know that there are many options available to you regarding tile pattern and designs. Not only are many tiles made with intricate and beautiful designs right on the tiles themselves, but the tiles can be laid in interesting geometric patterns. Let’s break it down.

Pretty, Vintage Designs

This timeless, classic trend design will add a splash of color and beauty to any home. While plenty of linoleum tile patterns are seen as outdated, many muted floral patterns are coming back in style with a cleaner, more modern look to them.

vintage designs

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Funky Checkerboard Patterns

The beauty of this trend is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. Some people think the checkerboard flooring is old-fashioned and not especially homey, while others think the pattern is fun and interesting. There are plenty of variations of this design with different tonal accents. Check it out for yourself!

checkboard patternMinimalistic Large Brick Design

Large, neutral-toned rectangular tiles with a glossy finish and high-contrast grout have become a popular choice as part of the minimalistic interior design trend, which focuses on using light and clean lines to create the illusion of a more open space. That’s why these large-brick designs have quickly established themselves as a top choice for many homeowners who want the illusion of a more spacious home. These are a common choice among kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls.

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Creative, Geometric Mosaics

Homeowners and designers have started playing with different layouts of tiles, branching out from the plain straight lines that you might be used to. Instead, right angles are being used in more exciting ways, and many people are breaking out from the orthogonal design completely. Hexagonal tiles have risen in popularity recently.

bathroom sink counter

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​Playing with the coloration of your tile floors and walls can help make your home feel more spacious. Here are some recent trends in tile color design.

Jewel Tones

Many people tend to default to neutral color schemes in their home, choosing to add pops of color in couch cushions, bedsheets, or hanging wall art. However, it’s recently become a popular alternative (though that sounds like an oxymoron) to use tile coloration and finishes to add some color to your home.

jewel like design

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Accent Walls

A new trend has emerged in bathroom tile walls and kitchen backsplashes: using tile to create a fun accent wall! If you’re feeling creative and are able to work with a wall material other than drywall and paint, you can feel free to extend this creative habit to other rooms in your home.

wall accent mosaics

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High Contrast

floor contrast walls design

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Using two different tile colors or even just a high-contrast grout can pull your rooms together for an ultra-modern feel.


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