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With such an increase in hardwood floor installation, I have been asked this question often.

Hardwood flooring is a common choice for homeowners looking to give their home a warm and inviting appearance.

why hardwood flooring
Hardwood floors have become so popular that many styles have been manufactured to accommodate a specific homeowner’s tastes. This is the main driving factor for such an increase in hardwood installation.

But, what are some of the other reasons we have seen an increase in hardwood floor installation throughout the country and right here in Phoenix, AZ?


Hardwood floors are a solid investment. There is no end to the amount of upgrades that you can add to your home to increase the resell value, but not many are better than upgrading your home’s flooring to real hardwood floors.

If installed and maintained properly, your hardwood floors can last upwards of 20 years.


Anytime you can make cleaning easier it’s a huge win. Hardwood floors do just that; a quick sweep or even a moist mop will do the trick.

If you have pets, allergies or kids you may want to consider this type of flooring. Carpet is difficult to keep clean and can trap in all the bad allergens that drive you crazy.


Hardwood floors are in demand. As a result, manufactures are producing many different types of styles. This means that hardwood floors are perfect for any home, no matter the style – there is always a type of hardwood that will look good in your home.

If you change the style of your home’s interior, your hardwood floors can change with it.

That’s right, you’re not suck with the original look. Most hardwood floors have a quarter inch top layer that can be sanded down and stained. Since the top layer is so thick, you can normally do this more than once.

Since hardwood floors are in such demand, they are a nice amenity to accent a home with which will likely improve its selling power.


by: Juan Gonzalez, Owner of Gonzalez & Sons Flooring

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